A house is made of walls and beams;  A home is made with love and dreams
~ Unknown

What is Cornerstone Landing

Cornerstone Landing is a community-based, non-profit charitable organization providing assistance for homeless youth.

We provide the continuum of care required by homeless persons.

We provide clients with information about community resources to address the issues surrounding homelessness.

We provide the necessities required to keep youth in school.

Why Does Our Community Need Cornerstone Landing?

Despite what many people believe, there are homeless youth in our community, just as there is in every town and city. They appear to be invisible because they are embarassed to let anyone see them​.  So they often put themselves in dangerous situations in order to get a roof over their heads. Often they go hungry. They feel terrified about what is going to happen to them. They do not have the money to buy the many necessities needed to go to school.  So, they may couch-surf or hitchhike, to the city. In the city they are vulnerable to the dangers of the street - drugs, prostitution, violence.

Our community is unique because it is made up of small towns and a lot of rural areas. There are no shelters of any kind in Perth. There is no public transit. If youth face violence, or neglect in their home, and if they are sixteen or seventeen years of age, there is no one to help them. Cornerstone Landing is hoping to offer them a hand-up so they can live in safety while they continue their education.

What We Do

The Board of Cornerstone Landing are group of committed individuals from various walks of life, dedicated to providing assistance to homeless and at risk youth in Lanark County. This group came together in 2010 and has worked diligently to create a unique rural model of service. We have formed strong community partnerships to help ensure success for our clients.

Given the right set of circumstances, anyone can fall into homelessness

But by supporting Cornerstone Landing you offer hope, shelter and a furture to those youth in need.