Do you or someone you know need our support?

Cornerstone Landing Youth Services will provide support to young people age 16-24 who are homeless or at risk of homelessness across the County of Lanark.  One of our Housing Case Workers will meet with you to create a plan to help you find housing.  They will help you secure financial assistance (if you qualify), they will help you locate an apartment, they will help you get registered in school and they will help you reconnect with a family member if you so choose.  
Call our Housing Case Worker, Chris at 613-612-3465 or Elle Halladay at 613-430-4441.
If you require emergency assistance with housing after the hours of 4:30 pm please call Victim’s Services at 613-206-1486.
If you know someone who is currently homeless, please print the card above by clicking on it to give to whoever needs it. We're also encouraging you to print extra copies and hand them out to others so they know about our services. 
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Resources for you
Cornerstone Landing has paired with numerous people and buisnesses in Lanark County to provide everything you could need such as hygiene products, food, financial assistance etc. Click here to learn more about the programs we offer.
If you or someone you know is experiencing homelessness, please contact us so we can help. 
If it is an emergency and after the hours of 4:30, please call Victim's Services at
We're here to help in everyway we can. Click here to learn about who we've teamed up with and the resources we can offer.


We can end homelessness for all youth in Lanark County and beyond with your help!



"My last novel for young readers featured two homeless teenagers living rough on the streets of Toronto. They get into all manner of scrapes but manage, eventually, to work things out – get on with life. Blink & Caution is a work of fiction; homelessness is not. Nor is it limited to our major cities. And kids who have nowhere to live do not always have the resources to make it without our help. It’s tough out there and a place to sleep at night is not the only problem; there’s the waking up each morning to another day of nowhere to go, of one day bleeding into the next without any clear sense of Forward and with Backward nipping at your heels. Living hand to mouth, day to day, a kid cannot really hope to get a grip on the idea of a future. That’s where Cornerstone Landing comes in. It’s not just about a roof over a kid’s head it’s about hope. It’s about getting a leg up: meeting the future head on, with the skills and wherewithal to take the first and then the next big step. I urge you to help out in any way you can. Our kids are the future, our most important resource."

Tim Wynne-Jones, O.C.

-- Two-time Governor General’s Award winner, and Officer of the Order of Canada